Aqaba’s dive sites

Diving along the healthy Aqaba reefs is quite easy and relaxing. The 20 dive sites along the 27 km of coastline offer a variety of different dives in coral gardens, pinnacles and the famous wreck Cedar Pride. The ship wreck, with a maximum depth at 40m, is covered in soft corals, red sponges and leather corals. With various dive sites at a range of depths, and no current, Aqaba is the perfect destination for beginners and experienced divers alike. 

Our house reef is just a short walk from the dive centre.

After a short swim on the beach, you will reach the patch of sea grass where juvenile fish are hiding. Among them are young emperor fish and grey moray eels.

The first coral formation at the house reef has the typical Red Sea flora and fauna at a depth of 5 m. Further down, at around 10 m depth, there is a coral garden covered with leather, soft,and hard coral that stretches out to a max depth of 40 m.

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Moon Valley

Moon Valley is located in the south of our house reef inside of the Marina Park

Kiwi Reef

Go on our beautiful House Reef discover our beautiful house reef , famous for its amount of moray

Yellow Stone

Best for Macro Yellow stone is one of best site if you like to challenge yourself

The Hercules C-130

Discover our new wreck, the Hercules C-130, scuttled on the 16th of November 2017 in the south of the Seven Sisters and Tank

Seven sisters & Tank

Find the Tank Explore the Seven sisters and finish your dive with a perfect safety stop next to the Tank

Gorgon I & II

Gorgon I & II is a great shallow dive for all divers. The main feature is two big Gorgonian fans.

Japanese Garden

Best for Snorkeling and Diving One of the best dive sites, very popular for its table corals

Cedar Pride

The Cedar Pride is the most famous dive site in Jordan. A cargo ship wreck approximately 70m length, lying at 30m depth on two beautiful reefs.

Rainbow Reef/ Cable Canyon

The Canyon is a fantastic dive site in Jordan. You will find on your way some big pipes crossing

Black Rock

The mooring buoy of Black Rock is at 18 meters on a sandy patch. Once you are down

King Abdullah

King Abdallah Reef is one of the biggest and longest dive sites of the Marine park of Aqaba.

First Bay

Dive on one of the first dive sites of the Marine Park and enjoy the beauty of the hard and soft corals.

Power Station

The most exciting dive site of Aqaba with its huge drop off starting from 15-18 meters down to 40 meters and more

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