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At Sinai Divers Aqaba our professional multinational team teaches the full range of Scuba diving courses from basic to Dive Master level. Our standards are high and we issue certifications of worldwide recognized dive agencies. Please find below a selection of our most popular diving courses. In case you don’t find what you had in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you to find the right best option for you!

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Bubblemaker / Introductory Dive

Our beginner program is designed for children from the age of 8 years and for everybody who.


Our beginner program is designed for children from the age of 10 years and for everybody who.

PADI/SSI Scuba Diver

The Scuba Diver course gives you the opportunity to receive your first diving certification

PADI/SSI Open Water Diver

The Open Water course is the most popular beginner course and is designed to teach you all

PADI/SSI Open Water Referral

This course is made for the ones who have already finished the academic and confined water

PADI/SSI Refresher Course

If you have not been diving for some time or you feel a bit insecure about your diving skills

PADI/SSI Advanced Open Water Course

The Advanced Open Water is the next step into your life as a scuba diver

PADI/SSI Rescue and Emergency First Response

The Rescue Diver course is very likely the most challenging and rewarding

PADI/SSI Dive Master

The DiveMaster course is the first step into the world of professional divers

PADI/SSI Enriched Air Nitrox

Our beginner program is designed for children from the age of 10 years.

PADI/SSI Deep Course

The Deep Diver speciality course is designed for the more adventurous


We are proposing a wide range of different specialties (Wreck, Navigation

PADI/SSI Reef Biology Course

Our beginner program is designed for children from the age of 10 years and for everybody who has an interest in the underwater world and marine life

About SSI

Scuba Schools International (SSI) is a scuba diver and free diver training organization that has been running for more than 50 years around the world. It supports dive businesses and resorts, has over 3,000 authorized dealers and 35 regional centers. As Sinai Divers Aqaba is an authorized dealer we are able to print your certification cards in house.

SSI offers recreational diver training programs by teaching skills and providing educational resources related with safety information and environmental knowledge. Starting with snorkeling and entry level scuba diving courses up to Instructor Certification, it has the materials printed in more than 30 languages



About Padi

PADI is the abbreviation for Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Since many years it is known to be the most popular scuba diver training organisation in the world.

At the moment, there are 6400+ PADI dive centres and 133,000+ individual PADI professionals who have issued more than 25 million certifications around the world!

The PADI education system is a progressive training programme that teaches skills, safety-related information and environmental knowledge to student divers.

PADI courses are not only fun but all about the student’s needs and focus on maximum practice and doable, realistic application.



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