Black Rock

Easy & colorful

The mooring buoy of Black Rock is at 18 meters on a sandy patch. Once you are down, follow the canyon and go north.

  • DIFFICULTY:Intermediate

  • DEPTH30m +

  • CURRENTS:sometimes


Explore the big reef, full of hidden lobsters and shrimps. Go back shallow and turn back south where you can admire the beauty of the fire corals. Depending of the season, you might be surrounded by thousands of glass fish. Head to the end and you will face a big concrete jetty where you can do your safety stop. You can also go underneath and look for moray and snake eels.

At the end of the dive, go west back to the line while staying at 5 meters and enjoy a wide view of the reef from the top.


Black Rock is very nice for its colorful reef. You will start with lots of dark green stony and cabbage corals when you are deep and finish the dive with the warm color of the fire corals.

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