Kiwi Reef

Dive our beautiful House Reef

Discover our beautiful house reef, famous for its moray eels and vibrant wildlife. It is one of the most untouched sites of the Marine park of Aqaba with its very wealthy corals. Plus the entry and exit are very easy and diving there is always possible.

  • DIFFICULTY:Beginners

  • DEPTH30m +

  • CURRENTS:Sometimes


The house reef is just a short walk from the dive centre away. After a short swim from the beach you will reach the a patch of sea grass where juvenile fish are hiding.

shore and get to the dive site from the sandy area.

You will find a shallow area with Sea grass where you may encounter some snakes and moray eels. Once you are there, follow the sandy slope and go down to 8-10 meters where the first coral formation is, filled with schools of lion fishes and moray eels. For the most curious ones, you may find a lot of cleaning shrimps, nudi branches and even sometimes some ghost pipe fish!

The reef goes down to 30 meters and plus for the more advanced and adventurous ones. However it is also perfect for the beginners as there is almost no current and the beauty and wealth of the corals on the shallow reef is unique. Kiwi Reef is definitely a must to do when you are in Aqaba!


With one of the wealthiest marine life in Aqaba, Kiwi Reef is definitely a must to do!  Plus, as the dive site starts from the shore, it is also very easy for all kind of divers.

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