Power Station

Exciting drop off

The most exciting dive site of Aqaba with its huge drop off starting from 15-18 meters down to 40 meters and more.

  • DIFFICULTY:Intermediate

  • DEPTH30m

  • CURRENTS:Sometimes


Power station is a spectacular wall dive starting from its buoy at 15 meters and going down to 40 meters plus. It is named after the power station located on the coastal road next to the dive site. During the dive, you will have big chances to see turtles, large morays and if you are lucky a whale shark or big pelagic fish might cross your path as well! Next to the first wall is a big coral plateau going from very shallow to 20 meters. The first drop off will keep you busy until 40 meters where another plateau is before the second wall that goes to 100 meters plus. The site can either be explored North or South of the mooring.



A stunning dive site that experienced diver will love! Due to its depth, it is also a perfect place to do some tech diving if you have the qualification!

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