Rainbow Reef/ Cable Canyon

Stunning Canyoun

The Canyon is a fantastic dive site in Jordan. You will find on your way some big pipes crossing the canyon and relying the telecommunications cable between Jordan and Egypt.

  • DIFFICULTY:Intermediate

  • DEPTH30m +

  • CURRENTS:Sometimes


Rainbow is named because of the shape of its reef while cable canyon has several big pipes with telecommunications cable relying Egypt to Jordan. Once you start the dive, head north down to a deep gulley where two big walls on the side of the reef are separated by the pipes. Keep going along the reef and try to a spot a Spanish Dancers. The hard corals are very dense and wealth and provide a perfect habitat for lots of shrimps and lobsters. Also because of its opening and depth, you might see some Napoleon crossing!.


You will be amazed by the size of the pipe in this deep canyon and the beauty and wealth of the corals surrounding it!

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