The Hercules C-130

The new attraction of Aqaba

Dive and discover our new wreck, the Hercules C-130, scuttled on the 16th of November 2017 in the south of the Seven Sisters and Tank. This plane will be very much appreciated by divers and snorkelers due to its very shallow depth.

  • DIFFICULTY:Beginners

  • DEPTH15m



You can dive on this wreck from the mooring line in the south of the Tank or the new buoy installed next to the plane. You will find the new wreck on a 15 meters sandy bottom surrounded by a beautiful reef of hard and soft corals. It has a very impressive sight with its 30 meters length and 40 meters wingspan. It is ideal for all level of divers and is perfect for wreck diver or the ones who like to get the specialty as you can penetrate the inside of the plane.

Deep diving is also possible for the more experienced one as there is a beautiful deep canyon located in the north where you can start the dive from and go down to 30 meters and plus.


With its proximity of the seven sisters and tank, you can combine the two dive sites and gather both wreck and corals reef diving.

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