Yellow Stone

Best For Macro

Yellow stone is one of best sites if you’re interested in Macro Photography.

The dive site is located in the north of our house reef, just three minutes away by speedboat from the diving centre.

  • DIFFICULTY:Intermediate

  • DEPTH30m +

  • CURRENTS:Sometimes


When you arrive on the site, you will find the mooring line taking you down to 16 meters.  The dive starts on a big reef sloping down from a very shallow part next to the shore to 30 meters depth and plus. Yellow stone has three different reefs with a density of hard and soft corals where you may find one of the biggest varieties of macro marine life! Also, it is very common to meet a turtle having a break or a snack on one of the reef. While enjoying a very slow and long dive from the first reef to the third one, crossing in between some beautiful patch of sand and sea grass, you might even spot one sea horse on the way!!


Yellow Stone is without any doubt a site to do if you like long and slow dive while you spot macro marine life.

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